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Chitrolekha Dhaka 2023

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Chitrolekha Dhaka 2023 is a two weeks long editathon and photo utilization campaign on Bangla Wikipedia organized by Project Korikath. The objective of this campaign is to bridge the gap in local topics, with a particular emphasis on subjects that relate to the heritage and daily life of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The term “Chitro” translates to image, and “Lekha” translates to writing in Bangla; the simple meaning is, “Dhaka written in Images”. We wrote Dhaka in images during our photowalks and now we are approaching to transfer that knowledge from visual to text form. “Chitrolekha” is also the Bangla name of the Mintaka star system. This campaign is thematically rooted in Project Korikath’s extensive documentation activity of visual knowledge on Dhaka over several months.

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The logo of the campaign includes motifs from the traditional Rickshaw Art of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Team Korikath has conducted a series of photo walks in Dhaka over the past few months with the aim of identifying and addressing gaps in visual knowledge within Wikimedia. Initially, the team conducted a thorough survey of the relevant Wikipedia pages, to determine areas in need of greater coverage. However, as the project progressed, it soon became clear that this approach was insufficient, as significant knowledge gaps persisted regarding local subjects of Dhaka in textual forms. So, Wikipedia entries as our input weren't a perfect dataset to determine subjects of greater impact. Later, we found out that, we have been able to document significant subjects visually through our project which lacks proper encyclopedic coverage. To address this issue, the team is now focused on generating comprehensive textual and encyclopedic coverage of these subjects, with the "Chitrolekha Dhaka 2023" campaign being the first step towards achieving this goal.


Every participant (from both segments) will receive Wikimedia Barnstar and a digital certificate. First three participants (depending on the points) from both segments will receive printed certificates.

Editathon: Participants will receive postcards if they earn at least 20 points.

Photo utilization competition: Participants will receive postcards if they earn at least 25 points.


Team Korikath shall be recognized as the exclusive and autonomous organizer of the aforementioned campaign, and their discretion in all operational matters shall be considered ultimate and binding in any and all circumstances during the course of the campaign. The team shall retain the right to modify or terminate the event in its entirety, as it deems fit. Any decisions regarding the content generated through this campaign shall be based upon the content moderation guidelines of the relevant Wikimedia project. The team shall not be held accountable to any party with regard to any aspect of this campaign.