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Cite Unseen

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Cite Unseen
Presentation introducing Cite Unseen as delivered at CredCon Austin 2018
DescriptionUser script that adds iconic indicators to Wikipedia citations
AuthorsSuperHamster, Sky Harbor
Updated2023-10-07 (246 days ago)
VersionIn Beta
Script locationen:User:SuperHamster/CiteUnseen.js
Version controlhttps://github.com/KevinPayravi/Cite-Unseen
Skin supportVector
Browser supportN/A

Cite Unseen is a Wikipedia user script that helps readers quickly evaluate the sources used in a given English Wikipedia article. The script adds iconic indicators to identified sources that indicate various attributes of the source, such as if the source is a news article, opinion piece, or government-controlled. This allows readers to quickly and easily identify the potential orientation and possible ideological biases of the sources used in an article they are reading.

Initially developed at CredCon in November 2018, Cite Unseen is jointly developed by Kevin Payravi (SuperHamster) and Josh Lim (Sky Harbor), with support from the Credibility Coalition and the Knowledge Graph Working Group. The project saw more development at Wikimedia Hackathon 2019 and again at the Media Party hackathon in Buenos Aires where a prototype Arabic version was created.

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Anyone is welcome and encouraged to contribute to either the code or JSON categorizations.