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get the modules from Wikimedia Subversion:


Provides a financial report in realtime, displaying all transactions twice, once grouped by nominal accounts and once grouped by asset accounts.

The new version can also handle cost centers (needs an custom field in Contributions) and has an extra section to display budgets per nominal accounts and their actual balance.


This module just holds some general functionality and configuration which is used by several other modules. Is a requirement for the rest to work.


started integration into google calendar&ical export of activities


Adds a donation form which can be embedded in the Drupal website. Uses wmse_base for payment methods - we do not use the built-in payment methods of CiviCRM because they are fixed inside donation pages which do not work for Wikimedia.

The module allows seperation of donations to nominal accounts which is also used in for the lastdonations ticker to determine public donations.


Generate letters, membersip fee reminders and invoices from contributions using tcpdf.


Is used by Wikimedia Sverige to create IRC accounts from CiviCRM memberships to authenticate them as members in an IRC channel, can be used for AGMs.


A Drupal block which displays public donations. Just configure the nominal account which should be used.


Adds a content type to Drupal. The content of this content type is piped through a MediaWiki API for rendering, the resulting HTML code is displayed then in Drupal.

Several wikis can be set up as multiple content types. Useful to either

  1. be able to use MediaWiki syntax when writing Drupal posts or articles, or
  2. to be able to transclude content from a wiki, eg. a members wiki to avoid redundant information management

It also embeds images from those wikis in use, which also works with Instant Commons or external file repositories.


Adds a Drupal form where members can sign up online. Uses wmse_base payment modules to allow new members to pay their fee directly. When offering membership fee payment the new member can also make a donation on top of the membership fee payment.

There is also the functionality to send members a special link with a personalised hash so they can renew their current membership and review there address and bank details. At start of a new business year these links can be sent to all members to make them pay the membership fee for the new year.


Displays the Picture of the Day of any configured wiki.


Shows recent changes to CiviCRM - useful to watch donations, membership sign ups etc. works so far only for contributions, database logging needs to be enabled.


contains style sheets for WMSEs website.


Displays a page of contributions that need attention, such as pending contributions of payment methods that can't be completed online.

Also includes a "Thank you" feature to make sure all donors receive an e-mail thanking them for the donation. The thank-yous have to be triggered manually, after reviewing that the donation was successful.


Synchronises the users of a MediaWiki instance with memberships in CiviCRM. (read only)


logging of employee and volunteer worktime, holidays, leave, etc. Requires new payment instruments worktime and Volunteer time.



under sites/default/files/wmse, need to be readable/writable by webserver

wmse base module, import of Swedish bankgirot BGMAX files, if enabled
wmse tasks, import of payroll data&SIE files
wmse_tasks, import of pension invoices
wmse_base, storage of currency conversion data from ECB, used for reimbursements.
wmse_invoice, storage of created invoices
wmse_tasks, storage of bank statements from Swedbank for automatic reconciliation

custom fields[edit]

Fieldset 'Accounting'[edit]

Field Label Data Type Field Type Req? Searchable? Enabled? Comment
Category Integer Select Yes Yes Yes Contains a chart of accounts, e.g. BAS or SKR 49
Receipts File File No No Yes Receipts for payments are stored as pdf attachment to all contributions
worktime Number Text No Yes Yes worktime in hours
cost per hour Money Text No Yes Yes cost per hour in local currency, usually a negative value
Contact Contact Reference Autocomplete-Select No Yes Yes contact ID for contributions that are “owned” by somebody, but still need to be attributed to a certain person. E.g. worktime or internal transfers for salery that on the contact of the organization, but for a certain employee

Fieldset 'Fundraising'[edit]

only used on contribution types for donations

Field Label Data Type Field Type Req? Searchable? Enabled? Comment
utm_source Alphanumeric Text No Yes Yes
utm_medium Alphanumeric Text No Yes Yes
utm_campaign Alphanumeric Text No Yes Yes
drupal_node Alphanumeric Text No Yes Yes
donation_comment Note TextArea No Yes Yes public donation comment


tcpdf library

sites/all/libraries/tcpdf, creating invoices and letters from contributions, memberships etc.

libraries module needed by tcpdf
tcpdf module