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Cochrane-Wikipedia Initiative

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Whether you are new to Wikipedia editing or you are a more experienced editor, we welcome all who would like to get involved and improve the evidence-base of Wikipedia pages. There are two projects actively recruiting volunteers

1. Keeping Cochrane evidence up to date on Wikipedia (Cochrane Bot Update Project).

Link to Project Page:[1]
About the project: A bot created list of Cochrane Reviews for which a newer version is available to replace the older one that is currently used in an article.
Can I get involved? Yes! Follow the simple instructions and if the conclusions have changed in the Cochrane Review update the Wikipedia reference and/or the text
How long will it take? 5 minutes+, depending on whether the text needs updating in the Wiki article.
Project contact: JenOttawa

2. Improving the Evidence Base of Wikipedia Using Cochrane Reviews.

Link to Project Page: [2]
About the project: Volunteers can go to our project page to access a list of all Cochrane Reviews not presently used in Wikipedia. You can search for a Review that interests you, paraphrase the conclusions, and find a place for the evidence in Wikipedia.
How long will it take? 5-10 minutes/Cochrane Review.
Project contact: JenOttawa

The Wikipedia Library: free access to the Cochrane Library

About the project: The Cochrane library have 100 licenses available to Wikipedia Editors who would like to help improve the evidence base of Wikipedia.
Can I get involved? Please use above link to apply.

Cochrane Hypertension Wiki Project

Link: n/a
About the project: Cochrane Hypertension have been working on edits to Wikipedia pages with links to hypertension-related Cochrane Reviews.
Can I get involved? Coming soon!
How long will it take?
Project contact: Please check back soon, we are updating this section