Coconut Monkey

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A Wikipedia song sung (TTTO "w:Paperback Writer" by the w:The Beatles), apparently a rival to Hotel Wikipedia to become the official theme song

inspired by the real life w:coconut monkey hunting technique used by other dedicated (though less globalized) brain eaters

originally dedicated "in honor of w:Larry Sanger and all wikiholics who just can't give it up"

(intro riff)

It was long dark nights fighting point of view and I really thought I was getting through

And I didn't mean to become a troll but sadly, folks, it's the fate of all

I tried not to be a coconut monkey... coconut monkey!

When the monkey sticks his whole arm inside, he doesn't know its a trap, a lie

When the trolls return just to eat his brain, he runs away if he's not insane

I shouldn't be a coconut monkey... coconut monkey!

(long guitar solo)

I could have worked at Britannica or at Microsoft for the good of all

But no I had to work with Wales and now, I'm a troll pulling rank somehow.

I'm just a troll who got funky...a coconut monkey!

My brain got ate somewhere 'long the way, now like Quake I think, I've gone the zombie way

You can throw away your best points on me and I'll throw them back with some bits of me

We're all stuck here with our hands inside, and most days I think, I'd have rather died

I have become a wiki-troll zombie... coconut monkey!

(extra long guitar solo)

So to monkeys all with their hands inside I got this to say then I'll drop my nut:

Everyone who clicks on "save this page" is a troll and stays one to his dying day

That and yes a... coconut monkey... wiki gets funky!