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Common Components[edit]

Whilst rebuilding a British sports car from the ‘70’s, I happened to come across something interesting – the motor mounts used on this car are exactly the same as mounts for an air conditioning unit which is currently in production. Of course, the only way I discovered this was pure chance.

That is when I began to think – what if there was a tool for referencing ANY given component to each application which it is found. This would be extremely useful for automotive people as equivalent parts are commonly used by different models and manufacturers. I can easily imagine this concept being applied to other themes besides automotive - ie. anything mechanical. One more idea is that it could be used to find applications for any given engineering material.

This system could be extremely convenient for searching down rare or discontinued components. In addition, it is my belief that something like this would vastly increase the ammount of recycling that takes place in everyday life and industry.

At any rate, I cannot imagine how nice it would have been to go to a website and look up “motor mounts for a Lotus 7” and have the database return an air conditioner.

Thanks for reading. Sincerely, [[[:w:en:User:Ncrosty|Nathan Crosty]]]