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Objetivos 2015 del departamento objetivos trimestrales del Departamento de Comunicaciones
Q1 2016–17 (julio–septiembre 2016)

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Fundación de la dirección estratégica

(Alcance, Comunidades, Conocimiento)

Objetivo anual (programa de plan Anual) Objetivo trimestral (objetivo de plan Anual) Producción (objetivo de plan Anual) Dependencias El resultado deseó



Programa 1

Improve public understanding


Objetivo 1

Understand current PR

Goal 2

Begin messaging strategy

- Coverage audit highlighting top narratives, geographies, sentiment, and opportunities)

- Top narratives identified; strategy framework developed

- Minassian support

- Priorities shared by dept  leads and get buy-in

- ED approval

- Be ready to build a strong messaging strategy that supports the future of the Foundation and the movement.




Programa 2

Make our brand more consistent

Objetivo 1

Expand video

Objetivo 2

Brand standards

- Produce Wikimania content

(1 video, 5 profiles)

- Introduce Wikimedia organization brand materials on Meta wiki

- Mule Design

- Wikimania experience

- Wikimania shooter

- Supporting the movement with unified branded materials, and building trust.

R Programa 3

Audiencias nuevas

Objetivo 1

Entender nuevos lectores

Objetivo 2

Build audience development capacity

- Share new readers reports and personas

(2 reports from Nigeria, India with 2+ personas)

- Onboard audience manager

- Design Research team

- Global Reach team

- Product teams

- Community groups

- Actionable understanding of new reader audiences to power informed reach efforts across movement.




Programa 5

Hacer crecer audiencias

Objetivo 1

Spread broad messaging

Objetivo 2

Advocate movement via social media

Objetivo 3

Cultivar comunidades nuevas

- Grow collaboration with community on social content

- Diverse profiles of social media (3 profiles)

- Facilitate relevant real-time social media conversations

(25 posts)

- Community groups

- Revisión legal

- Community Engagement review

- Minassian

- Increase relevance and community connection in storytelling.

- Increase awareness of movement values and importance.