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Item 1[edit]

About once a day

Item 2[edit]

About once a week

Item 3[edit]


Item 4[edit]

How satisfied or dissatisfied are you with the software you use for this activity?

Item 5[edit]

I discovered a new idea or project that I would not have discovered otherwise

Item 6[edit]

I do not know

Item 7[edit]

I don't know what this is

Item 8[edit]

I had a discussion to resolve a conflict or change policies

Item 9[edit]

I learned or improved a skill

Item 10[edit]

I now feel appreciated or recognized for my work

Item 11[edit]

I started or improved a project, idea, or group

Item 12[edit]


Item 13[edit]

Item 14[edit]

National or local Wikimedia conferences such as Wikicamps, local hackathons, and local conferences hosted by Wikimedia affiliates

Item 15[edit]

No, I have never heard of this

Item 16[edit]

Regional events, such as CEE Meeting, IberoConf, Wiki Indaba, WikiCon North America

Item 17[edit]

Thematic events, such as GLAM Wiki Conference, Diversity Conference, Wikimedia Hackathon

Item 18[edit]

To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements related to the Wikimedia movement:

Item 19[edit]

Volunteer engagement

Item 20[edit]


Item 21[edit]

Wikimedia Conference, the annual conference for Wikimedia affiliate organizations (chapters, thematic organizations, user groups)

Item 22[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation staff

Item 23[edit]

Wikimedia IRC channels

Item 24[edit]

Yes, I am not one

Item 25[edit]

Yes, I am one