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Community Liaisons/KPIs

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Current KPIs live at Technical Collaboration/Metrics.

Community Liaisons have Key Performance Indicators around community engagement. Our current measure is the number of major discussions that the team supports.


A major discussion is defined as:[edit]

  • The result has (or would have) a significant effect on the product or on the communities.
  • It is a conversation between multiple people (including a vote).  It provides an opportunity for the product team and the communities to collaborate and discuss their ideas.
  • It happens in public.  Any community member can choose to join the conversation.
  • It requires more than a small effort.
  • It is not ongoing or routine work.  It has a beginning and end.
  • It is a proposal or a request that is planned in advance and advertised appropriately.

These are factors that are likely to be misleading:[edit]

  • The number of people who choose to engage:  Every community has different interests and different sizes.  Three people would be important for some wikis and trivial for others.
  • The number of public comments made by staff:  Sometimes, it's more important to listen than to talk.


  • We want something that is meaningful, even if it requires thoughtful interpretation.
  • At this time, we are focusing on our community-facing roles, rather than our staff-facing roles. Consequently, our KPI will only measure part of our work.

Old/phasing out KPIs:[edit]

Onwiki engagement[edit]

Key performance indicator:
  • The number of people editing a supported product feedback page 2+ times

This rate is a possible indication that an editor found interacting on a feedback page to be a useful experience.

How to:

  • Use http://vs.aka-online.de/cgi-bin/wppagehiststat.pl
    • Provides a complete list of the page's entire history
    • Does not work on Flow or LiquidThreads pages.
  • Check stats at the end of each month.
  • Count the number of users with 2+ edits. Exclude bots and CLs assigned to that product (subtract the number in the last column).
  • Estimated resource cost: About three minutes per page each month, plus time to interpret the results.
Number of people who engaged with CLs (2015–2016)
Page Why? July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Staff + bots
w:en:Wikipedia:VisualEditor/Feedback Deployment of VisualEditor on this wiki is the focus of Q1 (July to September 2015) 605 610 612 620 623 630 631 638 640 -13
w:fr:Wikipédia:ÉditeurVisuel/Avis Main wiki where VE is fully deployed 107 107 107 111 113 115 120 126 127 -3
w:en:Wikipedia talk:Flow Substitute for main mw.org page (Flow boards can't be measured) 166 168 170 175 175 175 175 177 177 -4
w:ja:Wikipedia:ビジュアルエディター/フィードバック Phase 6 wiki where feedback will be collected from August 2015 to fix VE IME. 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 -5


Key performance indicator
The number of page views for product or documentation pages that we support

This is a measurement of "reach". This number will increase and decrease over time, but the changes should be explicable. For example, the number of pages views for a product page is expected to increase when a product is deployed to a new wiki, and to decrease after most users are familiar with it.

How to:

  • Use Pageviews Analysis tool (set to "all" for consistency with old tool): enwiki, mw, frwiki, jawiki, cawiki
  • Track main/central product or documentation pages.
  • Record the total number of page views during the previous month. (The numbers for previous months can be looked up months and years afterwards. The links in the table go to the "Latest 30 days" count; switch them manually to the previous month. Note that mediawiki.org isn't in the dropdown list, so the URLs for those pages have to be edited manually.)
  • Estimated resource cost: About one minute per page each month, plus time to interpret the results.
Number of pageviews (2015–2016)
Page Why? July Aug Sept Oct[1] Nov Dec Jan[2] Feb Mar
mw:VisualEditor/Portal Central page 1,366 1,314 1,199 1,231 605 456
mw:Help:VisualEditor/User guide Central help page 3,741 3,660 3,701 4,018 2,061 1,729
mediawiki's VisualEditor/Feedback page Central feedback page (because contributors aren't tracked above) 1,206 1,093 958 860 914 864
w:en:Wikipedia:VisualEditor Main information page at en.wp (focus for the quarter) 9,794 6,719 7,069 8,948 9,005 8,208 10,087 10,350 11,847
w:en:Wikipedia:VisualEditor/User guide User guide at en.wp 9,004 5,322 4,783 5,443 5,576 4,934 5,450 5,808 5,784
w:fr:Wikipédia:ÉditeurVisuel Main information page for fr.wp (largest userbase) 796 831 791 882 937 1,018 1,511 1,465 1,580
w:fr:Aide:ÉditeurVisuel User guide at fr.wp 1,061 1,130 1,081 1,080 1,159 1,293 2,153 1,819 2,268
w:ja:Wikipedia:ビジュアルエディター Main information page for ja.wp (focus for IME testing) 239 263 300 273 417 448 363 366 365
mw:Flow Central information page at mw.org 1,850 1,229 1,248 1,144 1,323 1,264
mw:Talk:Flow Central feedback page (because contributors aren't tracked above) 772 772 744 918 861 514
ca:Wikipedia:Flow Main information page at ca.wp (focus for the quarter) 58 40 43 47 33 47 58 48 81
  1. Data is missing for some days, so numbers are slghtly lower than reality.
  2. Switched from http://stats.grok.se to https://tools.wmflabs.org/pageviews/ beginning with January 2016