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The All Our Ideas Tool Survey was a survey conducted of the English and Spanish Wikipedia communities in 2014 to collect and prioritize ideas for improving the tools used by those communities. The results of the survey can be seen at the following URLs:

In 2015, the Community Tech team worked on several of the requests identified by the community as high priority in the All Our Ideas survey (prior to launching their own 2015 Community Wishlist Survey). The results of their work on these requests is posted below.

For details about the process used for organizing their work on these requests, see /Process.

Currently in progress[edit]

Integrate Turnitin into Copyvio Detector[edit]

Tracked in Phabricator:
Task T110144

Plagiabot provides an API for testing articles with the Turnitin engine (see Here is an example of the API output for a specific article: (It returns an array of 1 or more potential violations.)

It would be great if the Copyvio Detector tool had the option of using Turnitin as well as Yahoo BOSS for detecting possible copyright violations.

Acceptance criteria:

  • In the "Copyvio search" options, add a new option for "Use Turnitin"
  • If "Use Turnitin" is checked, include source URLs from the Plagiabot API output in the "Checked Sources" list (and have them actually be checked by Copyvio Detector)
  • Source URLs that are detected by both Turnitin and Yahoo should only be shown in the list once
  • If the source URL isn't publicly accessible, show an error and link to the Turnitin report

For now, we should only use the Plagiabot API as a source for more source URLs to compare using the Copyvio Detector engine. For the sake of consistent output (that isn't mixing apples and oranges), we should not use Plagiabot's score or reports (at least for now), but should use the score and diffs generated by the Copyvio Detector engine.


  • Support: Medium
  • Feasibility: Good
  • Impact: Medium
  • Risk: Medium/Low (unclear if all Turnitin sources are publicly accessible)

Priority: Normal


Improve FlickrFree search results[edit]

During the FlickrFree investigation, Magnus went ahead and rewrote the search code so that now it consistently returns the last 500 free-license uploads, rather than all the free-license images within the last 1000 uploads (which could be zero).

Fix thumbnail display in FlickrFree[edit]

Fixed the thumbnail display so that they are no longer squished in Chrome and Safari.

Create documentation for Quick Intersection tool[edit]

Per T108637, we created some on-wiki documentation for the Quick Intersection tool (at both Meta and English Wikipedia).

Fix RevisionJumper Firefox bug[edit]

Per task T108424, RevisionJumper had a bug that broke certain links in Firefox. This seems to have resolved on its own as no one can reproduce this bug any more.

Fix HotCat on wikis where it is broken[edit]

We fixed over 100 broken installations of HotCat. In the process we migrated many of them to import directly from the Commons gadget (while retaining local configuration).

Fix HotCat/VE bug[edit]

We fixed this on the Commons installation of HotCat (which is also imported into most other wikis that use HotCat).

Dab Solver[edit]

The maintainer's access to Tool Labs was restored, enabling him to improve the functionality of the tool.

Fix or replace Citation Bot[edit]

We fixed numerous problems with Citation Bot and it is now usable again.

Referred to another team[edit]

Syntax highlighter[edit]

This has been referred to the WMF Editing team, per their request.

Get Hovercards to feature parity with Navigation Pop-ups[edit]

We will be collaborating with the WMF Reading team on this one.


Turn RevisionJumper into an extension[edit]

Create an extension that adds the functionality of the RevisionJumper gadget to any wiki.

Acceptance criteria:

  • Build an extension that has the same functionality as RevisionJumper
  • The extension should be localizable to any language
  • Improve the text of the select list options (use Template:PLURAL switch instead of "revision(s)", make "prompt revision(s)" more clear, etc.)

This task does not include deploying the extension to any wikis. That should be filed as separate tasks afterwards based on the local consensus of specific wikis (talk to Community Liaisons to handle this part).

This is currently blocked by task T114172.


  • Support: Medium
  • Feasibility: Good
  • Impact: Medium/High (will make the feature available on any wiki)
  • Risk: Medium (will communities want to enable this by default? via a preference? not at all?)

Priority: Normal

Add page view statistics to page information pages (action=info)[edit]

It would be nice if page view data could be included directly in page information pages (action=info) rather than requiring the user to follow another link at the bottom of the page.

For example, it would be awesome if this page... ... included a chart like ... It wouldn't have to have all the view options that has. It could just be a simple chart or table with a link to for people that want to dig deeper (as a first version).


  • Support: High
  • Feasibility: Medium (need to investigate API load/performance)
  • Impact: High
  • Risk: Medium (As this is a Wikimedia-specific feature, we may need to build it as a separate extension or service, so scope is a bit vague)

Priority: Normal

Make Twinkle localizable to any wiki[edit]

Per task T108426, it would be awesome if Twinkle could be localized for wikis other than English Wikipedia. Since Twinkle is very tied to wiki-specific templates and processes, this is going to mostly involve creating an on-wiki configuration system (perhaps using JsonConfig) rather than a traditional i18n architecture. See task T108426 and for more discussion on this.


  • Support: High
  • Feasibility: Medium/Difficult (See Phabricator ticket and [1])
  • Impact: High
  • Risk: High

Priority: High

Add i18n support to Copyvio Detector[edit]

Per task T108422, we would like to add basic i18n support to the Copyvio Detector tool on Tool Labs.

Acceptance criteria:

  • You can set UI language via query string, e.g. ?uselang=es (so that links from particular projects can pre-set the language)
  • uselang query string parameter is preserved while navigating to tool settings page and back
  • Language can be set explicitly from the settings page and stored in a cookie
  • Language cookie can be deleted via the settings page (same as other Copyvio Detector cookies)
  • i18n architecture must be easily extendable for adding new languages (this probably means that you want to create separate i18n files for each language and have some sort of key for each i18n string that gets mapped to a translated string in the i18n files)
  • Should support at least 1 language besides English (pick a language you know or can easily get translations for)


  • Support: Medium
  • Feasibility: Good
  • Impact: Low
  • Risk: Low

Priority: Normal

Add spell-checking option to LanguageTool WikiCheck[edit]


  • Support: Medium (spell-checking was identified as high priority in Spanish survey, but this tool was not specifically mentioned)
  • Feasibility: Low (written in Java, which no one on the team is very strong on)
  • Impact: Medium
  • Risk: Low

Priority: Low



This is a Firefox add-on. Unfortunately, no one on the Community Tech team is familiar with Firefox add-on development so we feel that our efforts would be better directed towards other tools.