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This page documents a project currently under development by the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech team.
We invite you to join the discussion on the talk page.

The second most popular wish of the 2019 Community Wishlist Survey begins by describing a problem many readers have experienced: “Wikipedia skins are very bright, and at night they can be hard on the eyes.” To address this, the wish asked for “some kind of dark or night-mode,” specifying that this new reading mode should be “accessible as a feature for everyone and not just...logged-in users.”

In April of 2019, the Community Tech team began working on a project to answer that wish. This page tracks our progress toward that goal.

Follow this project and let us hear from you[edit]

Project principles and limitations[edit]

These are the principles that will guide the team in the coming weeks as they work on the first release of Dark mode:

  • The Dark mode palette will strive for accessibility and readability while attempting to remain true to the Wikimedia palette and brand insofar as possible.
  • Dark mode will be available for logged in and logged out users.
  • Dark mode is primarily a reading experience: it will work for editing pages and interfaces but will be optimized for reading pages (article, talk, user).
  • The Dark mode on/off switch will be easily available on every page, with the idea that users may want to turn this on and off with relative frequency.
  • The first release will be on the desktop versions of Wikipedia.

Please let us know if you have thoughts about this approach.

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