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This page documents a project currently under development by the Wikimedia Foundation's Community Tech team.
We invite you to join the discussion on the talk page.


This project was proposed in the Community Wishlist 2019 and was voted #1 with 157 votes. Community Tech team has committed to addressing as many of the project goals as possible.
In 2018, the Community Tech and Growth teams worked on a project aimed at general improvement of the AfC process. For more information, see the project page and background research for the project.

Problem statement[edit]

The wishlist proposal presents a broad goal of improving the New Page Review process and enlists key phabricator tickets that are important for the project. These tickets were prioritized and deemed important by the NPP community. These are listed below (in no special order).

Task title Phabricator link Notes
Redirects with RfD tags should still display in the New Pages Feed as 'Nominated for deletion' task T157046 Yes check.svg Done
'Potential Issues' flagged in Page Curation Toolbar Page Info flyout task T207847
Allow filtering by no citations in page curation task T169120 Yes check.svg Done
Send Message to creator without needing to 'unreview'/'re-review' the article task T207442 In development
Page curation adds text to first deletion discussion page if it already exists task T169441
Implement addition of un-redirected pages to Special:NewPages and Special:NewPagesFeed task T92621
Redirects converted into articles should appear in the New Pages Feed indexed by the date of creation and creator of the article, not of the redirect task T157048 In development
Adding a "Potential COI" alert to the feed task T207757
Add "previously deleted" as a possible issue (flagged in red) in the New Pages Feed/Page Curation Tool task T189929 Yes check.svg Done
Allow filtering by date range in Special:NewPagesFeed task T167475
Special:NewPageFeed - add option to filter by pageviews task T207238 Under investigation
Keyword Search for New Pages Feed task T207761
Enable page curation tools to be loaded on any page (optionally) task T207485 In development
Reviewer Notes system in Page Curation Tools: system for reviewers to flag talk page comments on new pages to other reviewers task T207452
Tagging Feedback in Page Curation Tools should also be sent to talk page task T207443 Ready for development
Page Curation Tools to add userspace CSD Log/PROD Log functionality task T207237
Dragable Corners on Page Curation toolbar windows (for resizing) task T207439 Yes check.svg Done
Page Curation toolbar: do not mark pages as 'reviewed' when adding CSD and PROD tags task T208685 Yes check.svg Done
Make PageTriage wiki agnostic task T50552

Status updates[edit]

April 30, 2019[edit]

The Community Tech team has kicked off development work on this project. You may follow progress on the project tickets by looking at the phabricator board. I will also be updating the ticket status in the table above as things progress.

5 February, 2019[edit]

This project is in its early stages of research to investigate project goals, dependencies and potential roadblocks. Your feedback is welcome on the talk page.

12 March, 2019[edit]

We are beginning to assess technical feasibility of tickets prioritised in the wishlist proposal. The technical work on this project is slated to start in late April/early May.

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