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This is a notes page for discussions of wishlist projects below the top 10 that Community Tech can take on as part of the 25% time for smaller groups. As the 2016 Survey page said: "After the voting phase, when we have the prioritized backlog, we plan to allocate 75% of our wishlist work to the top 10 wishes, and 25% to proposals important to smaller groups. This will include campaign and program organizers, GLAM participants, smaller projects like Wikisource and Wiktionary, and stewards and CheckUsers."

December 19, 2016[edit]

Current status: The voting ended last week, and we announced the results. The team started breaking down the top 10 wishes, and we're setting up project pages and early investigation tasks for each of them. We're going to see how far we can get with that before the Christmas break next week.

For smaller groups: We've started talking about which smaller group projects would be most effective. We're getting input from a few WMF staff, and we'll reach out to some groups for feedback. Before we announce a slate of projects, we want to make sure that they're actually feasible and that we can work on them. We're going to talk with people at the Wikimedia Developer Summit in January, and we'll probably be able to announce by the end of January.

For one group -- admins, stewards and CheckUsers -- it's likely that Community Tech will be involved in a larger anti-harassment project starting in the spring. We've already done some work on blocking tools in November and December, and the new work will build off of that. This might impact wish #34, Allow admins to hide names of users while blocking them. There's also wish #58, Enable administrators to update block logs, which had a spirited pro and con debate during the voting phase. We'd have to look at that and figure out a path through the pro/con.

January 6, 2017[edit]

The current list of potentials that we're looking at. We'll have to investigate some of these, and a key member of the team won't be available for most of January. We'll be able to confirm some projects that we're taking on in February -- sorry about the delay, if folks are anxious to know which ones we're going to work on.

Wish #20, Create new Han Characters with IDS extension for Wikisource: The highest Wikisource wish. In order to work on this, we'll want to partner with some volunteers who know Chinese. We'll talk about it at the Dev Summit.

Wish #27, Notifications for when your image is used: Identified by Alex as helpful for GLAM, as part of a larger image tracking interface suggested in wish #123, "MediaChanges" feed to track pages where images are used.

Wish #34, Allow admins to hide names of users while blocking them: May fit in as part of CommTech's work on blocking tools.

Wish #40, "Hide trusted users" checkbox option on watchlists and related/recent changes (RC) pages: Possibility for recent changes patrollers.

Wish #44, DerivativeFX alternative: #1 wish for Commons.

Wish #52, Allow any language to be the source for translations in Meta: The highest Programs and events wish. This has already been done by TTO -- see phab:T153209.

Wish #57, Suggestions for WikiProjects to join: #2 for WikiProjects.

Wish #58, Enable administrators to update block logs: Helpful for admins and stewards. There was a spirited discussion on this wish, so we'll have to look at all the pros and cons.

Wish #61, Support Wikipedia Education Program courses on Programs & Events Dashboard: We're finishing up some Programs & Events Dashboard work in December. It's difficult having two different product teams working on the Dashboard at the same time (WikiEd's and Community Tech), and unfortunately, the code was written in languages that WMF developers generally aren't familiar with. It's unlikely that we'll do any work on this in 2017.

Wish #65, Implement Internet Archive BookReader in Commons & Wikisource: Possibility for Wikisource.

Wish #73, Upload Wikisource text wizard: Possibility for Wikisource.

Wish #83, Article tracking tool for Wikiprojects, edit-a-thons and other campaigns, based on Wikidata: Important for Programs and events.

Wish #97 Add "Insert Citation" to Visual Editor: Suggested on survey talk page as helpful for Wiktionary and Wikisource.

Wish #131, Enable on-wiki lift for account creation limit at a specific IP range: Important for program and campaign organizers.