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Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Miscellaneous/Article ratings/Proposal/en

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  • Problem: Often an interesting and significant article with scientific, educational and simply informative content is marked as insignificant and its relevance is questioned.
  • Proposed solution: To determine the interest of users, enter a rating similar to the likes of social networks - with positive and negative ratings. Based on them, and not on the personal subjective opinion of some "experts", determine the need for an article. If Wikipedia is for the people, then the people, and not low-contact "gurus" should be able to influence what they want to know.
  • Who would benefit: The implementation of the proposed idea will certainly be useful to Wikipedia users, who will be able to find the information they are interested in, even if it is incorrectly formatted.
  • More comments: It's sad that potentially useful articles can be destroyed, while really uninteresting articles about rock musicians, athletes and show business figures stick out of Wikipedia like overcooked dough from a saucepan.

    It is necessary not to delete the information of informative articles that, for various reasons, were compiled ineptly, but to help improve them.

  • Phabricator tickets:
  • Proposer: Byzeterna (talk) 22:39, 15 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]