Community health initiative/Anti-Harassment Tools Quarterly Update/Oct '17

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Happy October, everyone! I'd like to share a quick summary of what the Anti-Harassment Tools team accomplished over the past quarter (and our first full quarter as a team!) as well as what's currently on the docket through December.  Our Q1 goals and Q2 goals are on wiki, for those who don't want emoji and/or commentary.

Q1 summary

📊  Our primary metric for measuring our impact for this year is "admin confidence in resolving disputes." This quarter we defined it, measured it, and are discussing it on wiki. 69.2% of English Wikipedia admins report that they can recognize harassment, while only 39.3% believe they have the skills and tools to intervene or stop harassment and only 35.9% agree that Wikipedia has provided them with enough resources. There's definitely room for improvement! 

🗣  We helped SuSa prepare a qualitative research methodology for evaluating Administrator Noticeboards on Wikipedia.

⏱  We added performance measurements for AbuseFilter and fixed several bugs. This work is continuing into Q2.

⚖️  We've begun on-wiki discussions about Interaction Timeline wireframes. This tool should make user conduct investigations faster and more accurate.

🤚  We've begun an on-wiki discussion about productizing per-page blocks and other ways to enforce editing restrictions. We're looking to build appropriate tools that keep rude yet productive users productive (but no longer rude.)

🤐  For Muting features, we've finished & released Notifications Mute to all wikis and Direct Email Mute to Meta Wiki, with plans to release to all wikis by the end of October.

Q2 goals

⚖️  Our primary project for the rest of the calendar year will be the Interaction Timeline feature. We plan to have a first version released before January. 

🤚  Let's give them something to talk about: blocking! We are going to consult with Wikimedians about the shortcomings in MediaWiki’s current blocking functionality in order to determine which blocking tools (including sockpuppet, per-page, and edit throttling) our team should build in the coming quarters.

🤐  We'll decide, build, and release the ability for users to restrict which user groups can send them direct emails

📊  Now that we know the actual performance impact of AbuseFilter, we are going to discuss raising the filter ceiling. 

🤖  We're going to evaluate ProcseeBot, the cleverly named tool that blocks open proxies. 

💬  Led by our Community Advocate Sydney Poore, we want to establish communication guidelines and cadence which encourage active, constructive participation between Wikimedians and the Anti-Harassment Tools team through the entire product development cycle (pre- and post-release.)

Feedback, please!

To make sure our goals and priorities are on track, we'd love to hear if there are any concerns, questions, or opportunities we may have missed. Shoot us an email directly if you'd like to chat privately. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you participate in our many on-wiki discussions over the coming months. Thank you!

— The Anti-Harassment Tools team (Caroline, David, Dayllan, Sydney, & Trevor)