Community health initiative/Draft of first ENWP communication

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Components & structure[edit]

  • Announcements about Community health initiative, new team members, and where to participate
    • To be posted on TBD (Village pump? wikipedia-l?)
    • I'm thinking the post would go to Village pump Miscellaneous with perhaps to a short sentence and link on Policy and Tech. Would that be too much? (Maybe.)
    • Draft is below.
  • A Project page on ENWP that serves as a portal for all information relating to our work.
    • To be posted in the project namespace on ENWP, likely Wikipedia:Community_health_initiative
    • A twin of the meta page Community health initiative.
      • To be updated simultaneously.
      • How much can we transclude/templateize to reduce manual duplication of updating?
  • The Project page's talk page for the ENWP community to discuss how the initiative will impact them
  • Newsletter sign-up.
    • Located TBD? A sub-page of the project page?

Announcement message draft[edit]

Moved to SPoore (WMF) sandbox for final touches