Community health initiative/List of community consultations, discussions, and surveys

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List of consultations, discussions, user interviews, and surveys done by Wikimedia Foundation Anti-harassment tool team[edit]

Consultations at in person events[edit]

  • WikiWomen Camp 2017- July 2017, "Tools and strategies for dealing with online harassment and conflict resolution" Notes
  • WikiConference North America 2017- August 2017, "Building MediaWiki software to enforce Page & Topic bans" Notes
  • Wikimania 2017- August 2017, "Building a Better Dispute Resolution System" Notes

On wiki discussions and consultations[edit]

Previous announcements relating to the Community health initiative:

Email and google hangout interviews[edit]

  • Targets of harassment-
  • Wikimedia Functionaries-
  • English Wikipedia administrators-
  • Staff or members of Wikimedia Chapters or User Groups -
  • Wikimedia Foundation staff-