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Community health initiative/The Team

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Community health initiative

Helping the Wikimedia volunteer community to reduce the leves of harassment and disruptive behavior on our projects

The Community health initiative is a cross-department program run by the Wikimedia Foundation. People active in the work include:

  • Thalia Chan, Software Developer. Thalia has previously worked for Mozilla and contributed libraries to the Julia programming language. As software developer, Thalia is responsible for writing and testing the Anti-Harassment Tools software.
  • Jay Cano, Engineering Manager. Jay is a software engineer and organizational sociologist with more than 15 years of experience in the software industry. As part of the Anti-Harassment Tools team, he's making sure that everyone on the team is enjoying the work they do and that they have everything they need.
  • Claudia Lo, Research Designer. Claudia is a qualitative researcher focusing on online social interactions. As research designer, Claudia is responsible for generating research to help the team make informed design decisions, as well as measure the team's impact.
  • Sydney Poore, Trust and Safety Specialist. Sydney is a long-time English Wikipedia contributor and administrator and previously served on the FDC and ArbCom. As Trust and Safety Specialist, Sydney is responsible for facilitating the crucial lines of communication between this team and the Wikimedia community.
  • Prateek Saxena, User Experience Designer. Prateek enjoys doing both development and design, he secretly wants every website to run either MediaWiki or WordPress. As the team's designer, he is responsible for making sure that our products are well designed and help users achieve their goals.
  • Morten Warncke-Wang, Data Analyst.
  • Other key affiliated WMF staff include Danny Horn, Ryan Kaldari, Joe Sutherland, and Christel Steigenberger