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Harassment, reporting, and conflict resolution policies and workflows on the largest Wikimedia wikis, as determined by number of active editors.

English Wikipedia[edit]


Defines what the Wikipedia community considers harassment:

  • Wikihounding — stalking a user from page to page with the intent of confronting or hindering their work
  • Threats — either real-world harm or on-wiki harm
  • Perceived legal threats
  • Posting of personal information — also known as doxing
  • Publishing private correspondence
  • User pages and User talk page harassment
  • Linking to harassment occurring off Wikipedia — As a harasser, not as a victim.

Provides guidance on what to do when harassment occurs:

  1. Act Calmly. To quote verbatim from the policy:  If you feel you are being harassed, first and foremost, act calmly (even if difficult). It is hard to over-emphasize this.
  2. For serious cases (real world harassment of the spreading of personal information) jump directly to ArbCom
  3. For non-serious cases, see Wikipedia:Dispute resolution#Resolving user conduct disputes
  4. If self-resolution fails (or in "serious, but not super serious" cases) contact ANI

There's also a brief section about when admins are the perpetrators of harassment. In short, you should contact another admin.

Wikipedia:Dispute resolution[edit]

What to do when two or more users are in a dispute and how to escalate if needed. I'll skip the steps for content disputes as they are not pertinent. The steps for resolving user conduct disputes are, with verbatim text italicized:

  1. The first step is to discuss the issue with that editor, politely, simply, yet directly, on their Talk page. Avoid discussing the content, but discuss the conduct. Use a template if needed.
  2. If discussion with the editor fails to resolve the issue, you may ask an administrator to evaluate the conduct of the user on the appropriate noticeboards, such as ANI.
  3. In all cases, and even in the face of serious misconduct, please try to act in a professional and polite manner. Turn the other cheek.
  4. If you have taken all other reasonable steps to resolve the dispute, and the dispute is not over the content of an article, you can request arbitration at ArbCom. Be prepared to present and defend your case.

For serious matters — The issue involves legal concerns, harassment, or allegations that are very serious or perhaps defamatory. — users can email, use IRC, or "contact by other private means" functionaries or ArbCom directly.

Wikipedia:Administrators's noticeboard/Incidents[edit]

Also known as ANI or AN/I, this is the primary noticeboard for users to bring conduct disputes. The page contains a lot of information and I believe it may be overwhelming for users new to the process. ANI requests users posting an incident report to:

  • Provide a neutral title
  • Describe their situation
  • Include any relevant diffs
  • Sign their conversation
  • Inform the other user on their talk page about the submitted inquiry. A template is provided.
  • Watchlist the page (which carries the same problems of watchlisting other highly active pages.)

New inquiries are posted to the bottom of the page. Sections on ANI that have not received any comments in 72 hours are automatically archived, even if there is no response or resolution.

Admins are not required to participate in the discussion. If the inquiry is poorly written, submitted at an inconvenient time, or contains a unclear situation it will likely not be compelling for admins to participate. Any (non-blocked) users can participate in the conversation, including passers-by or ANI lurkers. Informing the reported harasser both allows them to defend themselves but also potentially opens the reporter open for more attacks. Transparency is both a benefit and a drawback of this system.

German Wikipedia[edit]



  • Remove the content (request oversight if needed)
  • Report on Wikipedia:Vandalismusmeldung
  • The report will be publicly discussed on the noticeboard

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