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Content Partnerships Hub
Improving the Wikimedia movement’s work with content partners

Capacity building[edit]

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The Thematic hub will be a place to turn to when you hit a problem or issue that needs solving around content partnerships. There you will be able to find support and guidance. It will also be a place of capacity building, where you can be curious, gain inspiration and find knowledge.

Our aim is to support you at the knowledge or experience level you are currently on, whether that is a beginner or an expert. We will work to organize existing learning resources, develop a number of new training and educational resources, improve documentation and we will prepare an international exchange program for staff and volunteers. Hopefully this capacity work will mean that the role of the Helpdesk will evolve continuously.

In the coming year the hub staff will interview and talk with the movement to learn about how you would like to take part, share your skills and what your needs are.

How will the hub support capacity building?[edit]

The hub will also work to provide different types of capacity building to support both staff and volunteers to effectively work with content partnerships around the world:

Collating existing materials
There is an enormous amount of knowledge already available on our platforms today. For the benefit of the entire movement, we want to know if that material is good, has expired, is relevant or even if it needs to be completed. Therefore, we will initiate a mapping of material here on Meta-Wiki, making it easier to find what you are looking for.
Developing learning materials
Learning material will be developed and improved over time, building on the needs around tools, processes and guidance of the wider community. The questions most frequently asked at the Helpdesk can be turned into FAQ material. The conversations with the forerunners of content uploads can turn into online learning modules. That way, the hub will focus on building capacity from actual needs.
A big part of mapping the existing material is finding out what is available on our platforms across the movement. That means identifying material in a multitude of languages. As a part of the capacity exchange, we must find ways to do this together, and also make sure we make it easier to translate material between the languages.
The Grand Tour of Wikimedia
Capacity building is also an exchange of knowledge. Therefore, we will investigate the means of doing this in our pilot project The Grand Tour of Wikimedia. Are you interested in knowing more, or even participating as a traveler or a host? Let us know! Please email grandtour(_AT_)