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Wikimedia Italia got two important content partnerships with two major Italian institutions, Museo Egizio di Torino and archives of Touring Club Italiano. For both content partnerships, issues arose with the uploads. Touring Club signaled that their uploads failed (using PattyPan), and there were worries that similar issues (slow or failed uploads) would occur with Museo Egizio as well.

The content partnerships hub has so far held a meeting with Wikimedia Italia to go through the process and identify issues, and to see how these can be resolved. The hub will continue to reply to answers when/if more issues arise.


  • TIFF files are often hard to upload. It does not have to be the size that causes the trouble, sometimes there are bugs hidden in TIFF files that the Wikimedia Commons upload API stops.
  • OpenRefine does not yet work with files that are 100MB plus, but can be used for smaller files. If OpenRefine does not work, PattyPan is the best alternative.
  • It is often best to try to upload media in the same file formats one receives it from the content partner.
  • During the meeting, the following stream was proposed:
    • Create items for all relevant objects on Wikidata, using the metadata from the institutions.
    • Prepare the metadata with openrefine. If many of the files are large, export the metadata from openrefine and tweak it so that pattypan can ingest it.
    • If so, upload through PattyPan.
  • Other than size, both PattyPan and OpenRefine are fine for uploading. It is often best to take what one is used to.