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Contest:The women you have never met/Organizer Guidelines

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Before the contest[edit]

  • Set-up an event page on local Wikipedia, then put the link to your local event page in the Participants section.
  • Translate the rules into your language, and maybe slightly adjust the rules if needed.
  • Call a few Wikipedians to join you as local organizers.
  • Post an invitation message on the village pump, Community bulletin board, mailing list, or even make a Site Notice, around two weeks before it starts.

Main rules[edit]

  • Create and improve articles regarding women. This also includes articles related to women's organizations or feminist paradigms.
  • Encourage to edit including the gender perspective. Some example of how to include the gender perspective in Wikipedia can be found here. We encourage all the organizations to define its own rules regarding this issue.
  • Organize a local jury and the local prize -best article in the contest.This means,the best article by quality or the article considered as highlighted by the local jury, according to the local rules.
  • Scoring:
    • +2 point per article created - includes translations.
    • +1 point every 1000kb
    • If you improve 3,600 bytes of content of an existing article, you get 3 points
    • If you create a new article and it is 4,000 bytes long, you get 6 points: 2 points for starting a new article and 4 for its extension.
    • If you add a 3,600 bytes of wikitext (templates, refs, citations) to an existing article, you get 3 points.
    • If in your country, there are quality rules and you create or edit an articles according to them, you get +1 point
  • Optional scoring:
    • +1/-1 point quality

During the contest[edit]

  • Continue to call for participants to participate at the village pump, community bulletin board, mailing list, site notice, etc.
  • Any concern or doubt please contact to Anna Torres or Superzerocool as main organizers.

Once finished[edit]

  • Check articles fulfill the article criteria
  • Organize a local jury to define:
  1. the winner of the competition at the local level. In this local instance, the best article is rewarded.
  2. define the editor with more contributions so that it can be rewarded by the jury at international level
  • Add the usernames of the winners in the Participants section.