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This page has been created to map public interest copyright advocacy efforts around the world.


South Africa[edit]

South Africa is at the end point of a multi-year process to suggest amendments to the Copyright Act. The goals of the amendment process include to serve the interests of local creators and to increase access to knowledge for public interests, including education and the needs of libraries, archives, museums and other cultural institutions.


Fair Use; Author Reversion; Royalties; Contracts and assignments; Orphan works; Collective management reform; Contractual override

Procedural History[edit]

The bill currently is before the President awaiting signature.

Public Interest Advocates[edit]

Libraries, Archives and Museums[edit]

Denise Nicholson, University of Witwatersrand

Creators and Authors[edit]

ReCreate South Africa

Creative Commons[edit]



Wikipedia South Africa (Douglas Scott)

Legal Experts and Academics[edit]

UCT IP Unit Denise Nicholson, University of Witwatersrand

United States[edit]