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Policy Matrimonial 2021

we develop and send the Policy letter and three times in the year. They adress politicians and their representatives asas stakeholders in ministries, other Administrations and Associations. We comment on current legislation and others political projects from the perspective of free knowledge and with a view to protecting digital freedoms. Or we get involved in digital debates that are relevant to Wikimedia, but is missing the perspective about free knowledge. We put up justified claims and expresse releated offers for discussion.

Free licenses

The guide explains the legally secure use of free licenses, especially Creative Commons licenses. Media lawyer Dr. Till Kreutzer wrote the practical guide, which is published by the German Commission for UNESCO, the University Library Center of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Wikimedia Deutschland.

Brochure "ABC of Openness

The brochure explains, among other things, what "open" or the use of free licenses means and which manifestations of openness there are. Published by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and Wikimedia Germany.

Das Rechtsgutachten zur Nutzung von Open-Data-Lizenzen durch die öffentliche Hand von Dr. Gregor Schmid, LL.M. (Cambridge), Taylor Wessing, mit einordnendem Vorspann durch Wikimedia Deutschland

Herunterladen als PDF]

Special publications

Concept study education platform
  • The ABCs of Free Knowledge. We asked more than 50 smart people from politics, culture, science, education and the net community about their ideas for the free exchange of knowledge on the net. A collection from A for Allmende to Z for Zukunft.
  • Concept Study Values and Structures of the National Education Platform The study commissioned by Wikimedia Deutschland deals with the National Education Platform, a project of the German government to network the existing digital education landscape via a common digital infrastructure.

Statements and open letters

We enter into ad hoc collaborations and initiate or support open letters when we believe a policy proposal in its current form is not conducive to the proliferation and accessibility of free knowledge - or even a threat to digital freedoms. In such cases, we partner with civil society organizations that share our values and goals to alert policymakers and the public to risks or voids. WMDE statements and position papers can also be found collected here at Commons.

Interviews, Guest articles and Columns

The publications collected here have appeared exclusively in external media and not on our own channels. Blog posts on our website can be found here and our press releases can be read here.

Veranstaltungsbericht über das Parlamentarische Frühstück zum Digitale-Dienste-Gesetz, organisiert vom Bündnis F5.

Podcastfolge mit Aline Blankertz zum Thema Datenwettbewerb von Euractiv.

Veranstaltungsbericht über das Parlamentarische Frühstück zur Überwachungsgesamtrechnung, organisiert vom Bündnis F5.

Interview mit Aline Blankertz bei der Beschaffungskonferenz zum Thema Open Source und Vergaberecht.

Column "Public Money - Public Good!" Once a month, Wikimedia Deutschland publishes the column at netzpolitik.org In it, Wikimedia employees explore the question of which public content and data must be freely available in the future - and explain where things are still stuck and where things are moving.

"A state-organized lobbyfest" - Guest article by Wikimedia in the F5 alliance at netzpolitik.org on the Digital Summit.

Interview with Lilli Iliev on Space for Notes on ALEX Berlin about the gender gap in Wikipedia and Wikimedia community projects that promote diversity and participation.

"Open Data comes up short", - Guest article by Stefan Kaufmann on data strategy in the Tagesspiegel Background.

"Missed chance for visions" - Guest article by Justus Dreyling at netzpolitik.org about the Digital Services Act.

Blackbox Geneva - Multi-part series at netzpolitik.org Author Justus Dreyling (then International Rulemaking Officer at Wikimedia Germany) writes about Wikimedia Germany's advocacy for free knowledge at the international level.

"Blind Federal Government" - Column "To my annoyance" in the Day Mirror.

"Budget 2021: Twelve million euros for Open Educational Resources - a drop in the bucket?" - Guest article by Dominik Theiß (then project manager for education policy at Wikimedia Deutschland) from the Bündnis Free Construction initiated by Wikimedia at netzpolitik.org.

"Reiss-Engelhorn Museums v. Wikipedia: Possible happy ending thanks to new EU copyright law" - Interview with John Hendrik Weitzmann (then head of the Politics and Society team, now legal counsel at Wikimedia Deutschland), published by irights.info.