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Please follow the XML Data Dumps mailing list by reading the archives or subscribing, for up to date news about the dumps; you can also make inquiries about them there. Red Arrow Right.svg Other list of torrents in the same style as the dump list:

This is an unofficial listing of user-created torrents of various Wikimedia data dumps.

Because of this, you should make sure to verify the file's checksum against the official sha1sums.txt on (eg. for enwiki-20200201)


  • Wikimedia-logo-circle.svg: Contains web seeds from or its mirrors. This assures there's always a peer for download available. When creating torrents, double-check that you linked the correct file.
  • TPB Magnet Icon.gif: Magnet download. Useful when the .torrent file is no longer available. These require metadata from other peers to start the download. Therefor you should always include a .torrent file too. Active cache web services for .torrent files are: [1], [2]


Torrent of Wikimedia Commons files torrents (over 23 TB in total as of early 2013).

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  • For some reason Tixati does not connect to the web seed
  • uTorrent does not save the web seeds list after you close it, so you will need to add them again if you have not finished the download.