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Deforestation in Nigeria/Guidelines

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Collaborating for Environmental Conservation and Public Awareness


  • Rule 1: Mandatory Participation: All participants must join the dashboard for edits to count. Also participants should sign their names here
  • Rule 2: Editing Requirement: Each participant must edit a minimum of two articles.
  • Rule 3: Creation Obligation: Each participant must create at least one article.
  • Rule 4: Project Duration: The project will last for 6 months, from April 24 to October 23, 2023. This will enable participation at convenience. Endeavour to complete tasks within the project duration
  • Rule 5: Training Schedule: Participants must attend two days of physical training and four days of online training, which can be completed at their convenience.
  • Rule 6: Meetup Attendance: All participants are required to attend a meetup.
  • Rule 7: Word Count Expectation: Participants must contribute a minimum of 3000 words throughout the program
  • Rule 8: Potential Additional Requirements: Other project-related tasks may be assigned based on project management decisions and agreements among organizers.
  • Rule 9: Use the List: Participants should utilize the provided list of articles for editing and creating content. This list will serve as a guide for contributions.
  • Rule 10: Always Ask for Help: Participants are encouraged to seek assistance whenever needed. If they encounter difficulties, have questions, or require clarification, they should reach out to the organizers or fellow participants for support and guidance. Asking for help is essential to ensure the smooth progress of the project and individual learning.