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Deoband Community Wikimedia/Leadership Development and Skills Infrastructure Plan

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Wise leaders seek out as many questions as they do answers.

— Linda A. McLyman, Wise Leadership, p. 174

Deoband Community Wikimedia's Leadership Development and Skills Infrastructure Plan is a research project that aims to produce a leadership and skills infrastructure for the DCW's longer-run and institutional partnerships and sustainability. The study aims to further the recommendations of Leadership development and Skill development infrastructure from Movement Strategy Initiatives through a prism of institutional building and collaboration whilst at the same time prepare certain courses for the DCW. The project is supported by a Movement Strategy Implementation Grant of 4,651.50 USD.

Background and ideas[edit]


  • Workshops at Sister Nivedita University and Celica Group, in Kolkata, on 27 November 2023. These were attended by more than 50 people including students, teachers, activists, and government officials.
Founding members of Wiki Club Jamia
Aafi presenting at Train The Trainer, Kochi 2023
Aafi presenting during Pre-Conference, Wikimania Singapore

People associated[edit]