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Deoband Community Wikimedia/Resolutions

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The Deoband Community Wikimedia often forms resolution to make some tedious works easy. This page lists these resolutions.

Resolutions Timeframe Agenda Status
September 2023 - February 2024 objectives September 2023 - February 2024 500 articles on Wikipedia, 500 images on Commons, 500 items on Wikidata, 30 pages on Wikiquote Open
Article creation task February 2023 - July 2023 Creation/Improvement of 500 articles on Wikipedia Closed
Setting up an internal fishbowl wiki Nill Setting up Internal fishbowl wiki website and blog for DCW Approved by the community, however rejected at Phabricator for not meeting new requirements set up by the AffCom. Separate website was created at dcwwiki.org