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Project page on en: - currently at en:Digest.

Concept: a collection of ultra-brief summaries of periodic content (journals, periodicals, mailing lists, blogs, other feeds), with links back to the source and to relevant WP/WM articles.

  • A group of active users who note which regular feeds they read
  • A list of periodical editions and day's-worth of feeds
    • A way of marking a particular periodical / feed-chunk as Summarised.
  • A standard format for such summaries: publication-date, summary-date, summary-user, original-link, topics.
    • Views by topic / category into which such summaries are placed.
    • Eventually, this 'standard format' will be stored properly in a db, not just as a blob of wiki text, and the views can be autogenerated rather than cut-and-pasted by hand (which makes multiple categorizations hard).
  • RSS feeds of all summaries, or by topic, promoted for thrid-party use.
  • Support RSS feeds from CC-by-attrib/GFDL blogs, for contributors who already do this in other areas of their lives but would be happy to have a wider audience.


This concept has been implemented at WikiSummaries is released under the GNU FDL, so its content is compatible with Wikipedia.

Periodic publications[edit]

Please add your username next to periodicals which you regularly read, whether on or offline.


  1. NYT - +sj+, Danny, jt, Neutrality
  2. WSJ -
  3. FT -
  4. London Times -
  5. The Times of India - Hemanshu
  6. Indian Express - Hemanshu


  1. WIRED - +sj+
  2. Economist - +sj+, jt
  3. Time - Neutrality
  4. Newsweek - Neutrality
  5. People -
  6. Consumer Report -
  7. Utne Reader -
  8. The Onion - Neutrality
  9. Mother Jones - Danny
  10. Commanality - +sj+
  11. India Today - Hemanshu
  12. National Geographic – Minh Nguyễn


  1. Content Mag(Q'ly, NYC) -
  2. Spinks's Grammar Quarterly - +sj+
  3. Musashi's Five-Ring Epicycle -


  1. Physics
    • Physics Review (specify) -
  2. Law
    • Yale Law Review -
    • Harvard Law Review -
  3. Economics
    • American Economic Review - jt
    • Journal of Economic Perspectives - jt
    • Journal of Economic Literature - jt
    • Quarterly Journal of Economics - jt
    • Econometrica - jt
    • Journal of Political Economy - jt

Continuous feeds[edit]


  1. Slashdot -
  2. Kuro5hin -
  3. Salon - jt
  4. Lawmeme -
  5. BBC - jt
  6. Arts and Letters Daily
  7. Science Daily?
  8. Wired News – Minh Nguyễn

Raw aggregators[edit]

  1. Google News -
  2. Feedster -

Blog feeds suitable for auto-inclusion[edit]

  • Any similar-format CC-by-attrib|GFDL blog?
  • Any info-dense CCbA blog?
  • A special feed acquired from individuals, such as blood, r'wisdom, etc?
  • A special feed from organized communities, such as plastic?

Sample entry[edit]

See the current en:Wikipedia Digest for an example.