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The Library of the Chilean National Congress (Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile or BCN in Spanish) worked with the Chilean community of Wikimedians to publish several unreleased documents to the public domain using the Wikimedia platforms, mainly Wikimedia Commons and Wikisource.

Enciclopedia Chilena[edit]

Description of a popular game called "La Bandera cruzada" at the Enciclopedia Chilena.

The Enciclopedia Chilena was a project to digitize and publish the drafts of a 1970s project to publish a Chilean Encyclopedia. However, after several political crisis and the installation of a military dictatorship, the project was halted and the drafts, made by some of the most reputed scholars in Chile at the time, were archived.

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Sesiones de los Cuerpos Legislativos[edit]

Installation of the First Government Junta of Chile, 1810.

After the first pilot project of the Enciclopedia Chilena, BCN decided to upload the documents of the first Legislative Bodies of Chile, predecessors of the current National Congress, and the registry of the Congress before 1845. All this documents represent the fundational documents of the building of Chile as a democratic republic.

Not only the documents were uploaded and transcripted to Wikisource, but also there were corrections to update the ortography (becoming an option for the reader) and contextual tags to allow semantic searches in the future.

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