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This is a page to work on ideas for a new system for the internal e-mail lists used by the Foundation, the Chapters, and their volunteers.


These are areas of interest/work for the individual.

Types of tag[edit]


  • Foundation
  • Chapter

Type of participant[edit]

  • Board
  • Staff
  • Volunteer

Area of work[edit]

  • Clerical
  • Executive
  • Events
  • Financial (sub-split to "Grants", "Donations"?)
  • Legal
    • Reactive (need for this subsplit?)
    • Proactive (need for this subsplit?)
  • Press
    • Reactive (need for this subsplit?)
    • Proactive (need for this subsplit?)
  • Technical


  • Worldwide
  • Europe
    • France, Italy, Germany, UK, ...
  • Africa
  • Americas (or split to "North America", "South America"?)
    • Canada, Mexico, United States, Chile, Belieze, Jamaica, ...
  • Asia
    • China, Japan, Taipei, Hong Kong, ...
  • Oceania
    • Australia, New Zealand (merge with Asia?)

Examples of tag[edit]

Lists are defined by a set of tags; everyone with all of the tags will get such messages.

This means Foundation goes to everyone in the Foundation; Foundation/Staff goes to all of the Foundation's staff; Foundation/Staff/Europe goes to all of the Foundation's staff in Europe (right now, Mark and Delphine ;-)).

Current equivalents
  • Foundation/Board (board-l)
  • Foundation/Staff (staff)
  • Press (wmfcc-l)
  • Global (internal-l)
  • Foundation/Technical (private-l)
Without current equivalents
  • Chapter/Europe/Financial (Treasurers of European Chapters)
  • Press/Americas (Press-people in the Americas)
  • Technical/Foundation/Board (Technical members of the Foundation Board - maybe a technology sub-Committee of the Foundation Board?)

Other stuff to think about[edit]

  • Corporate e-mail addresses for all (perhaps not @wikimedia.org) - perhaps just for communicating with outside world and do through something like OTRS rather than giving everyone addresses? maybe @volunteer.wikimedia.org @staff.wikimedia.org and @board.wikimedia.org ?
  • Require use of corporate e-mail addresses for all/some lists
  • How do people get the different tags?
  • Should this system be e-mail based - so wouldn't some kind of web "frontend" make more sense? (see my previous post on internal-l)