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Documenting Gurene Names and Communities on Wikipedia and Wikidata

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Names plays an important role in the lives of people and communities that is why the Gurene community is interested in creating Wikidata items and Wikipedia articles for indigenous names of people, villages, and towns in the Upper East region of Ghana. By doing so, our community is taking significant strides in preserving our cultural heritage and ensuring that indigenous names are well-documented and accessible to a global audience.



Our Names, Our Identity on Wikidata and Wikipedia Apoki'ira de la Atibifareŋa buuri yubo'ote bii puti'irɛ yu'urɛ ti ba Tara sigera pɔgesi la budaasi za'a. Yu'urɛ wa vɔɔrɛ de la fu san ki'ira zi'a n dage fu meŋa yire magese wuu Pɔka san nyokɛ puurɛ duge dee ka ele, ti bia la san bɔna la a ma yire ti kelum wi'ira tii ahaba yire la, fu me ta'a kelum loge tiŋa mɛ ta ki'ira yesira la daagɔ bii yele n paa fu eŋa, ti ba wi'ira tii Apoki'ira se'ere zuo n sɔi la bilam dage fu yire bii fu tiŋa.

Action Points

  • Create awareness on Social media.
  • Encourage contributors to add well-sourced citations to existing Gurene Wikipedia articles.
  • Create new articles on Gurene names of individuals and villages/towns in the Upper East region, with Wikidata items for each entry.
  • Promote the use of local languages and culture on the Gurene Wikipedia to make it more inclusive and representative of our community.
  • Discussions about the specific challenges of editing Wikipedia and Wikidata.

How to participate


1 Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikipedia.

2 Sign up in the Sign up section on this page.

3 Attend the virtual events from 2023 to 2023

4 Time:

Results After the Contest


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