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Documenting Kolkata Heritage/Instructions

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  • Digital camera: a digital camera, preferably a DSLR.
  • Enough memory: Please ensure there is enough memory.
  • Laptop: A laptop. After each day photo walk there would be a session for uploading the photos to Wikimedia Commons.
  • Walk daily average walk is 15-20 KM per day.

Code of conduct that has maintained[edit]

  • Respecting personality rights: Should not focus your camera on any persons on the street for photographs, without their permission. If someone is in the background, or part of a crowd, or he/she standing in front of a building in an obscure way, it's OK. Otherwise, you shouldn't focus on any individual.
  • If somebody is visible in any photograph, attach Personality Rights along with the photo.
  • Respecting the rights of property owners: Property owners have the right to restrict from taking a photograph while standing on their property. But, can take any photograph as long as you are standing on public property.
  • Respecting the Kolkata Police: If the police ask you to stop, stop.
  • Please Remove time stamps while taking snaps.
  • If you wish to leave early please inform the coordinator of the photo walk.
  • Please pay respect to other participants and help each other.

Photography advice[edit]

  • Keep pictures in focus.
  • Position subject using the Rule of Thirds.
  • If possible, the whole subject in one shot

While Uploading

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  • While uploading images
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