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ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/*Youngjin

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The ESEAP Conference 2022 is a regional conference of Wikimedia Foundation held in Sydney, Australia on 19–20 November 2022. The Wikimedia Korea participated with 4 members in this conference. Two of them are affiliate representives and other two were granted from individual scholar.


  • Affiliate leadership development - Wikimedia Korea
    • We introduced our unique local initiatives including partnerships with undergraduates/graduates to improve contents in the parts of not improve, Digitalization of 옛한글, How we dealt with teenagers as affiliate (beyond Youngjin's diff post we often refer).
    • We also introduced how we plan our affiliate strategy; Which will be released in February 2023.
    • Summary is posted in MS Forum
  • ESEAP Hub development
    • Sending one person to ESEAP interim hub committee.
  • JinJinJaRa

Things learned at the conference

  • ESEAP Hub - Until now we just hear about just abstract of "concept of hub", during this conference there were significant progress has been made on how to configure the hub. I hope that it will be disclosed more transparently to related communities and affiliates in the future.
  • How can we deal with the "Language Barrier" to becoming global community - we have to be more accessable to the people who are not understanding the English.
  • Learning initiatives from other region - What can we learn from the other affiliates

Plans after the conference

  • How we can utilize MS forum as a Korean community.
  • Global collaboration; more being connected with other affiliates and foundation.
  • Keep connected with teenagers, Developing strategy for engaging with them.