ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/2ndoct

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ESEAP Conference 2022 Report from 2ndoct[edit]

Things learned at the conference[edit]

  • language diversity in this region and how each communities used wikis platform to preserve their languages
    • [[user:Carma_Citrawati | Carma Citrawati] & [user:Bayu_Gita | Bayu Gita]' 's digitalization of Balinese lontar (palm-leaf manuscripts) on WikiPustaka (Balinese Wikisource)
    • the preservation of Paiwan language a language spoken by Taiwanese indigenous people by Paiwan Wikimedians User Group
    • WikiSwara project of Kunirasem to increase audio contents on Commons and Javanese Wiktionary
  • many inspiring ideas that other communities have used that can be apply to Wikimedia Thailand

Things the participant contributed or participated in the conference[edit]

  • J2 Discussion for Wikimania 2023

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference)[edit]

  • signed up as a learning partner for Wiki Rescues Manuscripts project
  • plan to organized photowalks to bring in newcomers by using simple activities such as upload photo to commons

Comments/ suggestions about the conference[edit]

  • the information pack provided is very useful
  • it's good to finally meet everyone in-person