ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Harditaher (WMID)

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Things learned at the conference[edit]

I learned more about ESEAP on its way to becoming a hub. This hub ranges from many countries, cultures, and of course wikimedia chapters and affiliates. It is going to be a good hub as learning hub. From the sessions, I focused on learning Wikimedia Commons templates, Wikibase projects, and All Wikimedia projects in ESEAP.

Things participated in or contributed to at the conference[edit]

I presented the open GLAM movement at this conference. I expected that there would be such kind of knowledge and experience exchange about this topic in the region.


Plans after the conference[edit]

I would share the things I learned in this event with the communities in Indonesia.

Comments/suggestions about the conference[edit]

This conference comes at the right time after the pandemic. Everyone needs to reconnect and build a collaboration spirit to grow the Wikimedia project and knowledge in general.

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