ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/JarrahTree

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Attending this conference (and the preceding WOW conference) was as a current member of the committee of Wikimedia Australia.

It must be noted that I had previously attended various Wikimanias and the first ESEAP conference in Bali in 2018, and as the

last speaker at that conference had said See you in Fremantle... four years later it was in Sydney.

I had no position of involvement of organisation of the first or second conference, and simply was present as an attendee.

I did not present any item, and was able to be a moderator at two talks at the second conference.


Things learned at the conference

  • The importance of the understanding of wikidata functions and the tie-ins between wikipedia projects
  • The importance of understanding the cultural variations in south east and east asia - as much as the continuities
  • The importance of giving voice to range of cultural expression in eseap countries - older and younger sectors of the population

Things the participant contributed or participated in or since the conference

  • continuity of maintenance activity in the Indonesian and Australian projects

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference)[edit]

  • updating skills and knowledge of wikidata and wikisource in providing good background material for wikipedia projects

Comments/ suggestions about the conference[edit]

  • lack of knowledge from eseap one by the program of eseap two - there could have been substantially more material to illustrate the history of the evolution of the project - the break between denpasar and sydney was something that could have been something looked at.
  • Looking at other editors comments in their reports, I consider the comments made need to be noted carefully. I do not think that I can elaborate further on their comments.
  • having been to 3 wikimanias, and other conferences - the eseap 2 conference was well designed and carried out, one hopes that there is impetus to continue the eseap conferences - with more clarity as to the content and issues from each conference being adequately laid out for a sake of continuity and credibility.