ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Jimmyjrg

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Things learned at the conference

I learned about other projects around the ESEAP region. In particular I was interested to learn how native languages were being preserved across Wiki projects, and made available on Wikisource and as audio on Wikimedia Commons.

Overall it was fantastic getting to talk to people about their own projects. There's too many to mention.

Things the participant contributed or participated in or since the conference

I presented a summarised look at The Record project I've run in Australia.

During the event I ran the Wikimedia Australia and WOW Twitter accounts and documented most of the presentations.

Most of the photos I took for Twitter were then uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.

Post ESEAP, I uploaded video recordings to Wikimedia Australia's YouTube channel and wrote a summary of ESEAP 2022 for the Wikimedia Australia website.

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference)

Because I rushed my presentation (previous session went over time) I'd like to record a new version of my presentation and share it with those who were interested. I'd like to see more people do this as I understand some were uncomfortable presenting to a room of strangers.

Comments/ suggestions about the conference

I'd like to see the presentations shared further. Ideally each of the presenters should summarise their presentations so they're more accessible. I found it hard to look up and find information about many of them.

More should be done to preserve the feeling of an ESEAP community. Not everyone can/will attend meetings, but is there another way we can keep in touch and share projects?