ESEAP Conference 2022/Report/Robertsky

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Things learned at the conference[edit]

The following are some key takeaways of mine.

19 November 2022[edit]

C1 Culture & Heritage/Open GLAM[edit]

Indonesia has an active community country-wide with very receptive GLAM partners. To drive awareness and engagement, they have taken on competitions such as 1Lib1Ref. To ensure quality submissions from participants, resources such as video guides have been created. During the COVID-19 lockdown, the Australian community began to write about Australian music on Wikipedia, carrying out virtual editathons in which saw 150 articles created. To keep the editors engaged during the editathons, they had invited artistes and other professionals to participate as well. To ensure quality editathons with everyone feeling good about the work done, organisers had to do a bit of leg work: finding references so that participants can just focus on writing, and also to clean up the edits after the editathons have been completed.

D2 Tech and platform Workshop: Wikisource -[edit]

Note: See the next section for contribution

Learnt how to transcribe pages of books into text and publish individual text in Wikisource. Such work is valuable as it exposes old/public domain works to the digital, allowing readers to search and read printed knowledge that may otherwise be locked or hidden away forever.

F3 Wrap up and feedback board on the day’s program and outcomes[edit]

Learn of the tremendous amount of work that has been put into shortlisting qualifying entries for voting for the Sound Logo competition.

20 November 2022[edit]

H1 Lightning talks: Education[edit]

It was interesting to see medical academia proposing page views on medical articles as a metric to develop medical curriculum, having done matching of Wikipedia articles to the endless medical topics that medical students have to study for. This may help cirriculum planners to determine what topics require further emphasis or has a higher importance in the overall cirriculum.

J2 Discussion: Wikimania 2023[edit]

Had a brainstorming session with the participants present on the slogan and other matters.

Things the participant contributed or participated in or since the conference[edit]

At Wikisource workshop, worked together with the other participants to complete transcribing a book. Transcribed 4 pages, and transcluded a chapter (Wikisource contribution)

Through the conference, I have taken numerous photos with selected photos made available on Commons for everyone's use. See :commons:Category:ESEAP Conference 2022 by Robertsky

Plans after the conference (from what was learned or contributed in the conference)[edit]

  • Set up a local chapter in Singapore, to carry forward from the momentum generated from Wikimania 2023.
  • Working on Wikimedia 2023 together with ESEAP COT.