ESEAP Preparatory Council/Meeting Notes/2 October 2023

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ESEAP Preparatory Council Meeting #2[edit]

  • Date: 2nd October 2023
  • Attendees: Dody, Irvin, Johnny, Reke, Robert, Vanj
  • Support: Joyce (translation), Vivien


  • EPC proposed timeline
  • Budget for in-person meeting for 2024
  • Any other business


  • WMF support on Hub content inputs: Kaarel; Grants inputs: Yop
  • Budget for in-person meeting:
    • Split between ESEAP Con 2024 budget & affiliates existing funding (WMTH, WMTW, Malaysia UG confirmed funding from their affiliate budget)
  • Action item: to follow up with Athikhun and Belinda (Re
    • To follow up: we shall split our team to focus on each of our workgroup (G1-G4)
    • G1- Identity working group (Document review & ESEAP history/past challenges): Robert, Belinda
    • G2- Stakeholder Mapping working group: Vanj, Athikhun, Johnny
    • G3- Research on regional hub & collaboration cases working group: Irvin, Reke
    • G4- Support group to the 2024 ESEAP Conference host: Dody, Agus
  • AOB
    • Robert will present the EPC update on ESEAP 36th Community meeting this coming Sunday, 8 October 2023
      • What Robert can present to the community on EPC update:
        • we have made 2 online meetings
        • we have our meta page for all of the details minutes of meeting
        • we have made our working timeline
        • ESEAP Con 2024 has submitted its budget and currently under review from WMF