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ESEA Newsletter Header
ESEA Newsletter Header
Vol. II/ Nov 2015

Wikimedians in Indonesia and Taiwan is doing some exciting projects. Also, Wikipedians around Asia are doing a whole-month edit-a-thon in Wikipedia Asian Month!

Contributors: Shang Kuan Liang-chih (WMTW), Reke Wang (WMTW) Arief Rachman (WMID), Addis Wang (WMCN) | Editor: Isabella Apriyana (WMID)


维基百科亚洲月将于今年11月正式开幕!维基百科亚洲月是为增进维基百科亚洲社群互相了解而举办的在线编辑马拉松。在亚洲月活动期间,每一个参与亚洲月的维基百科社群将会在本地的维基百科中举办在线编辑马拉松,并且鼓励参与者至少撰写5篇关于亚洲其他国家的条目。作为亚洲月文化交流的一部分,每一个完成这项任务的维基人将受到一张从其他维基媒体社群寄出的维基媒体纪念明信片。东亚及东南亚(ESEA)社群在亚洲月中扮演了重要的角色。支持亚洲月举办的最主要的六个维基媒体分会及用户组中有五个都是ESEA社群的成员。维基百科亚洲月是维基媒体亚洲社群(也是ESEA社群)的第一个真正执行的区域性合作项目。现在就来报名参加维基百科亚洲月的活动,帮助您的语言社群更好的了解我们的邻居们!这次活动有至少38个维基百科社群参与,并由维基媒体基金会资助。阅读这篇维基媒体博客了解更多。(中文用户在Meta设置语言偏好后可使用繁简转换系统阅读本段和下段中文/To Chinese Speaker, you can view the simplified/traditional Chinese version of this article by change your setting on meta.)

The Wikipedia Asian Month is being held this November! The Wikipedia Asian Month is an online edit-a-thon aimed at enhancing understanding among Asian Wikipedia communities. During the event, each participant community will run a local edit-a-thon on their local Wikipedia, asking editors to write at least five articles about other Asian countries. As a part of the event's aim to foster cultural exchange, Wikipedians who achieve the target in time will receive a Wikimedia postcard sent by other Wikimedia communities. The ESEA community has a significant presence in the Wikipedia Asian Month—five of the six major supporting affiliates are part of the ESEA community. The Wikipedia Asian Month is also the very first regional collaboration among Asian and ESEA Wikimedia communities to be successfully implemented. Sign up now to help your language community have a better understanding of our neighbors! At least 38 Wikipedia communities are involved and this event is also financially supported by the WMF. Read more about Wikipedia Asian Month in this Wikimedia Blogpost.



Since 2003, students from the Taipei Medical University's FLYoung International Service have gone abroad to serve people in need. This year, the student team heads to Swaziland and Cambodia. Due to the lack of education resources in both countries, the FLYoung team decided to provide local institutions with an offline copy of Wikipedia for their benefit. With the assistance of Wikimedia Taiwan, the FLYoung team prepared both English and Khmer versions of Kiwix for Cambodia, and also established one training camp to help local teachers familiarize with the Kiwix interface for the offline Wikipedia. All 20 teachers in the training camp found the software to be easy to use and practical for their daily lessons to their kids.


Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) bekerja sama dengan Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT-OSM)Indonesia dalam Proyek Pemetaan dan Transparansi di Kalimantan untuk memetakan dan membuat konten mengenai Kalimantan secara simultan. Proyek yang didanai oleh Making All Voices Count ini terdiri dari pelatihan bagi organisasi mitra lokal untuk memetakan wilayah mereka di OpenStreetMap sekaligus menulis artikel bertopik Kalimantan di Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia dan Bahasa Banjar yang diikuti dengan pembuatan modul. Proyek ini dimulai pada Agustus 2014 diawali dengan pengumpulan data mengenai sekolah, pusat kesehatan, dan tempat ibadah di Kalimantan, khususnya di wilayah provinsi Kalimantan Timur. Kemudian diadakan pelatihan pemetaan dan pelatihan penulisan konten artikel Wikipedia. Pelatihan pemetaan perdana berlangsung di Kota Samarinda pada bulan Februari dan Juni 2015 kemudian dilangsungkan pula di Kota Balikpapan pada Oktober 2015. Sedangkan pelatihan penulisan konten artikel Wikipedia dilangsungkan pada Februari dan Juli 2015. Hingga sekarang, setidaknya 573 titik data dari pemerintah telah dipakai untuk memetakan sekolah dan 7,895 artikel geografi dari Wikipedia dikombinasikan dengan platform OpenStreetMap.

Wikimedia Indonesia (WMID) is collaborating with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT-OSM) Indonesia in the Open Content in Kalimantan Project to simultaneously map and generate content about Kalimantan. This project is funded by Making All Voices Count and consists of training partner organisations in the area to use OpenStreetMap to map their surroundings and to contribute articles about Kalimantan on the Indonesian and Banjar Wikipedias, and additionally producing training modules. The project started in August 2014 by collecting data about schools, health centers, and places of worship in East Kalimantan province to fill in geographical data that was previously unavailable on OSM maps. Afterwards, OSM mapping trainings were held in the city of Samarinda in February and June 2015, followed by Balikpapan in October 2015. Meanwhile, Wikipedia writing content trainings (manual and using pywikibot) were successfully held in February and July 2015. By now, at least 573 government-provided data points used to map school infrastructures and 7,895 geographic articles from Wikipedia have been combined into the OpenStreetMap platform.