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Vol. I/ Oct 2015

On this first ESEA newsletter, we'll take you to see how communities in Taiwan, Indonesia, and Japan engage in competition and offline meetings to improve Wikipedia articles.

Contributors: Shang Kuan Liang-chih (WMTW), Biyanto Rebin (WMID), Takashi Ota (Wikimedians in Kansai) | Editor: Isabella Apriyana (WMID)
Photo credit: Shang Kuan Liang-chih , Ilham Nurwansyah, Daisuke Suzuki




After Wikimedia Conference 2015 in Berlin, the Wikimedia community in Taiwan initiated many new projects, including “A Room of WikiWomen's Own”, a monthly meetup where a group of new female editors learn about the culture of Wikimedia community and increasing their editing capacity. Wikimedia Taiwan has also hired two project managers, who will be responsible to recruit editors in the field of photonics and Taiwanese language. The most exciting news comes from the collaboration project between WMTW and Center for Aboriginal Studies (ALCD) of the National Chengchi University (NCCU), which aims to incubate Wikipedia of local aboriginal languages. Since the indigenous people in Taiwan also belong to people of Austronesian languages, WMTW is looking forward to communication and interaction among Wikimedia projects of Southeast Asia. Drop any questions to User:Reke and User:Shangkuanlc

-Sabanda- ngabuburit bandung 2.JPG

Wiki Sabanda adalah eksperimen pertama kompetisi Wikipedia dengan format permainan, dengan tujuan untuk membangun komunitas Wikipedia Bahasa Sunda yang mati suri (pengguna sangat aktif 0-2 akun, aktif 3-5 akun). Digagas pertama kali oleh Wikimedia Indonesia, permainan ini merupakan kombinasi kompetisi menulis, proyek kelompok, sesi monitoring, dan diskusi berinsentif untuk menghubungkan para penutur dan penulis bahasa Sunda. Proyek ini mencoba untuk memromosikan dan mengasuh bahasa lokal Indonesia di Wikipedia dan telah berjalan sejak September 2014. Selayaknya permainan daring, Sabanda memiliki 10 tingkat untuk ditaklukan; setiap tingkat memiliki kesulitan dan hadiah yang berbeda. Kompetisi ini juga mendorong partisipan untuk terlibat secara daring maupun luring. Upaya ini didukung oleh Ford Foundation.

Wiki Sabanda is the first experiment of Wikipedia game-format competition to build a community in Sundanese language Wikipedia where community doesn’t exist (very active 0-2 account, active 3-5 account). Initiated by Wikimedia Indonesia, the game is a combination of writing competition, group project, mentoring session, and incentivized discussions with the goal of connecting Sundanese native speaker and writer to each other. This project tries to promote and nurture local languages in Wikipedia and has been running since Sep 2014. Like an online game, Sabanda has 10 interesting levels to be conquered; each levels has different challenges and prizes. The competition also encourages the participants to engaged online as well as offline meetings. The effort is supported in funding by Ford Foundation.

Wikipedia ARTS August 30, 2015.JPG

Wikipedia ARTS はウィキペディアの編集に慣れていない人に、アートについての情報を図書館で集める方法を紹介して、それをまとめてウィキペディアの記事にしようという試みです。 ARTLOGUE主催、オープンデータ京都実践会後援のもとWikipedia ARTS 大阪新美術館コレクションが2015年8月30日に大阪市立図書館で開かれ、Wikimedians in Kansai のメンバーもサポートしました。関西地域でWikipedia ARTSが開かれるのはこれが2度目です。今回は40人ほどの参加者が集まりましたが、そのうち半分以上はウィキペディアを編集するのが初めてでした。大阪新美術館建設準備室 研究主幹の菅谷富夫氏が所蔵のコレクションについてレクチャーを行った後、参加者は大阪市立図書館の図書館員が用意した資料を調べ、ベテランウィキペディアンの助けも借りながら、ウィキペディアの記事の編集を行いました。

Wikipedia ARTS is an event to introduce new editors on ways to collect information on the fine arts in a library then put them together in Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia ARTS for Osaka New Art Museum Collection was successfully held on August 30, 2015 at Osaka Municipal Central Library hosted by ARTLOGUE, a fine-art advocate NPO, and supported by staff from Opendata Kyoto Community and Wikimedians in Kansai. This is the second opportunity of Wikipedia ARTS held in Kansai region, the second largest metropolitan area in Japan. The event gathered about 40 attendees, whereas more than half of them have never edited Wikipedia before. After Tomio Sugaya, a senior researcher from Planning Office for Osaka New Art Museum, introduced the collection, participants studied documents prepared by librarians of Osaka Municipal Central Library and contributed on Wikipedia with the help of veteran Wikipedians.