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Edit counting

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Edit counting is a phenomenon experienced by many Wikimedians from time to time. Some users feel that their (or others') edit counts are either too small, too large, too erratic, or too [insert favorite adjective here].

Generally, edit counting is to be avoided when weighing the value of someone's contribution. It is the quality, not quantity of edits that counts, and many editors use scripts and make minor edits, while others, with fewer edits, write many articles. Of course, this is not always true; it should simply be expected that number of edits is not an accurate gauge as to the value of an editor's contributions.

Users have no good reason to be either daunted or discouraged! We're all members of a massive wiki community with noble goals. This is largely a gift economy, not a political hierarchy.

Your edit count is not your IQ, value as a human being, or a score in a video game. It does not determine your worth as a Wikimedian. It does not cure cancer or grant you a seat on the secret spaceship that will be traveling to Mars when the Krulls return to destroy the planet in 2012... Don't let it bother you. It's just a number in the database.Slashdot

It should also be noted that Wikimedians with many edits should not be daunted or discouraged either. Quantity doesn't necessarily mean a lack of quality.

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