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Editable titles

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Editable titles are editable. The current "Camelbone" titles are not. They are stiff as a bone. Editable titles are as flexibles as pagetext is. Editable titles are essential for multilingual communication.

See community-wiki: multilingual experiment please (and make sure to try out the language-filters).

Note that all titles and the links between the three pages

are already fully editable and fully multlingual translated.

The trick is to use the camel-case title hidden. If it had only system importance and wouldn't be shown anymore titles would be editable and bones would finally be there where they belong - insides of the body.

For a pretty wiki-wide demonstration of editable-tiles see clean linking

This asks for several other changes. What are these?

The page recent changes should show editable titles listed according to the language setting of the user. The camel-case title should get shown as popup hovering over the editable title.

A first thing would be doing someting like that:

How to write on multilingual pages
Wie man auf mehrsprachigen Seiten schreibt
Comment écrire sur des pages multilingues
Come si scrive sulle pagine multilingue

Then I have the problem: How to resync an editable title of a page, when it is being changed? Or maybe I even do not need that, you just do it manually where I want it to be done. Note: the link is still working, it just the title that is n't up to date anymore. Interesting somehow ...

It takes you even much further away when you'd want an editable title that has been changed not only to be resynced on the entire wiki the page is on, but also wikilandia-wide. To automatize this seems impossible at the moment - all you could do is google for the link and correct it manually. But not quite. There is a nice gas-cloud on Community-wiki: one big soup and mainly thought up by Lion Kimbro, a visionary coder, and in such an environment an automatized wikilandia-wide resyn of an editable title of a page in fact seems possible. I agree that there is not much gravitation in this gas-cloud yet, but it's already enough to gradually start to form a solar system.

Mattis Manzel

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