EduWiki Conference 2023/Program/MCDC

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Logo for the EduWiki conference in Belgrade 2023 MCDC’s Movement Strategy & Education
  • Manavpreet Kaur
Day: May 27, 2023
Time: 15:30 - 16:30
Room: Forum Room

The education community is widespread, diverse and ever expanding with multiferous initiatives. The community is so unique as they are able to align even with the noticeable variety in priorities, challenges, and needs because of uniqueness of each project. The session will be a hands-on activity to gather strategic inputs from the community regarding Roles & Responsibilities.

The MCDC members have been taking the conversations related to the Charter sections back to their communities and other aligned groups for inputs and brainstorming on subjects of interest. As a member of the Roles & Responsibilities Drafting group, there are various factors that impact an program's growth and sustainability. The leadership and other roles modify with the unique needs of the projects. Given the individual challenges and experiences, there is a need for customized compliance expectations and support. The proposed session is intended to help draw an outline of workflows, available support, learning and evaluation to strategically draft the possible future structure ensuring growth.

Roles and Responsibilities is an umbrella section that will address aspects of resource allocation, safe spaces , reporting and accountability. This session is best suited for the conference as this space will have representatives from all projects in the field of education for a cumulative assessment and proposal.

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