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Call for Participation: Higher Education Survey

Author: Fu-Ying Lin

Summary: Call for Participation: Higher Education Survey (for academia persons working in higher education institutes or research centers, and for affiliates)

Dear friends,

The Education team at the Wikimedia Foundation is happy to announce two surveys in higher education. The first one is for university faculty to investigate their perceptions of Wikipedia, and the second survey is for affiliates to investigate affiliates’ perceptions and activities in higher education.

You are kindly invited to participate in the affiliate survey and also very welcome to share the academic survey to any academic persons in your network. We appreciate your participation. Deadline is 9th April 2022.

Additionally, we need help translating these two surveys. If you are able, please help us translate it into any additional language. We especially want to be able to share it in the major UN languages and as many smaller languages as possible. We’ll announce new versions when we get translations. It’s very easy to help with translations, all you have to do is open the academic translation spreadsheet and affiliate translation spreadsheet, and then follow the simple directions on the first tab.

Survey information

Please click the links below to participate in the surveys.

(1) Survey for academia: Academia survey link

The goal of this survey is (1) to retrieve a demographic observation about the academic faculty’s perception of Wikipedia in Higher Education, (2) to understand the factors that contribute to the perception of the academic faculty towards Wikipedia, and (3) with the findings analyzed, to conduct follow-up projects.

(2) Survey for affiliates: Affiliate survey link

The goal of this survey is (1) understand and know the opportunities and challenges affiliates encounter when it comes to Higher Education issues, (2) to understand affiliates’ perceptions of Higher Education activities, and (3) understand how collaborating with the WMF enables affiliates to grow their activities in higher education

You can find the link to the privacy statement below.

Legal:Faculty and Affiliates Perception of Wikipedia in Higher Education Privacy Statement – Wikimedia Foundation Governance Wiki

If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Fu-Ying Lin

Thank you so much & Best regards.

Fu-Ying (on behalf of the Education team)

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