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Education/News/October 2022/Celebrating the Wikipedia and Wikidata Birthday in school

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Celebrating the Wikipedia and Wikidata Birthday in school

Author: Vyolltsa
Summary: October is the month of birthdays in Albania and Kosovo.

On October 12th, Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group celebrated the 19th SQ Birthday of Wikipedia. To bring more context to the SQ Wikipedia Birthday, we collaborated with the Arianiti Nonpublic School teachers in Albania and we trained students on how to use the translation tool to translate articles mainly from English to Albanian, and have an understanding of the importance of Wikipedia articles in our language.

We let them choose a topic of their interest to translate into Albanian. During this training, they shared the skills to utilize to translate more articles on Wikipedia.

They also expressed the desire to celebrate the 10th Wikidata anniversary. For the 10th Birthday of Wikidata, some students said they tried to use and edit Wikidata on their own. They offered to show what and how they edited Wikidata. For example, they added some descriptions to the items.

During this event, we shared the history of Wikidata, how and why to use it, and compared and contrasted it to Wikipedia which is most known to people in general.

Also, we focused on editing so students could practice and edit items by adding images on Wikidata.

Here are some pictures from the respective birthday events and discussions.