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Egyptopedia is the international Egyptology project of Wikipedia encyclopedia. This project's main goal is to coordinate local Egyptology projects of all Wikipedia.

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How to help[edit]

  • Create local project and create link between it and Egyptopedia.
  • Translate this page in local language.
  • Add your name in participants to improve communication between people interested in ancient Egypt.
  • Speak about this project.
  • Share any free material about ancient Egypt (pictures, draw, font, etc.).
  • Correct English mistakes on this page. ;o)

List of local projects[edit]

Please add a link to local Egyptology projects.

(Bulgarian) Project Portal
(Czech) Portal
(German) Project Portal
(English) Project Portal
(Spanish) Project Portal
(Italian) Portal
(French) Project Portal
{{ Portal
(Macedonian) Portal
(Dutch) Portal
(Occitan) Portal
(Polish) Portal
(Romanian) Portal
(Russian) Portal
(Serbian) Portal


If you want to help coordination for Egyptology projects, please add your name below and please specify in which language and where people can contact you.

  • Aoineko (français, English, 日本語) (please leave messages here)
  • Samuel (Chinese), I will try to help, but don't expect too much, I am not an expert, besides, I can read only English and Chinese. ;p (Leave me messages here)
  • Mats, Swedish, messages here. Like Samuel, I'm not an expert, but I've been writing some articles on mythology.
  • Iustinus. My energy is spread very thin already, however I should probably be the contact person for La:, as how to say such-and-such an Egyptian name in Latin is one of my areas of interest. My native language is English, but I will also accept messages in Latin, French, and so on.
  • Gregg (Български (Bulgarian), français, English). Leave messages here
  • Fatima (Spanish and English) I have thousands of pictures of Egypt that I have been collecting from Internet, also I know everything about the god and goddes Osiris and Isis and about the king Tutankhamun. Send me a message here)
  • Ernesto Graf (Spanish, English, Italian) (please leave messages here in Spanish if possible)
  • nl:Gebruiker:Oesermaatra0069 I speak English, Dutch (native) and German (not very good). My hieroglyphics-skills are bad, but I can read the names and functions of people. I can help with the mythology I know a lot of minor worship gods (not Isis or Amon but Wepwawet and Heh). I'm very active with the pharao names on the dutch Wikipedia so just look and implement! I would like to help answering questions about egypt.
  • Comrade Che (Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, English). (please leave messages here)
  • Alensha (Hungarian, English, can read German) I'm mainly interested in the New Kingdom. (Please leave messages here.)



The goal of this part is to enable users to share free pictures. I planned to create 2 pages, one with only links, and one other with all pictures (very heavy I think). Perhaps, in the future, it may be better to organize those pictures by theme.

User's pictures:

Hieroglyphs editor[edit]

WikiHiero is a tool to generate hieroglyph text in WikiSyntax (tables & images) from a text written according to Hieroglyph coding manual syntax. WikiHiero (0.2.7) is running at Feel free to make tests with hieroglyphs-codes.

For example, <-p:t-o-l:m-i-i-s->! may be rendered as fr:Image:Ptolemee2.png. The lastest version can be found at

Gods' names[edit]

I planned to create a big table to show "official" transliteration and local language translation. Aoineko


A list of all the goods or featured articles in the egyptopedias.

Create local project[edit]

To create a new Egyptology project for your local Wikipedia, go to your WikiProject page (like en:Wikipedia:WikiProject) and add a link to the new page. You can call it as you want (for example, fr:Wikipedia:Egyptopedia). Add your page here, in the List of locals projects.

Feel free to organize your project as you want, but if you want some advice, here is a page model:

First, create inter-language links to other Egyptology project (you will find links here on meta). Like [[fr:Wikipédia:Egyptopedia]].

Make a brief introduction of the project. For example:

Egyptopedia is a WikiProject and its goal is to coordinate working on Egyptology part of all Wikipedia in general and of the <language> Wikipedia particularly.

International Coordination[edit]

Describe the international project on its goal. For example:

An international Egyptology project taking place at Egyptopedia. Its main goal os to coordinate all local project and share Egyptology resources (pictures, tables, tools, etc.).

<language> Project[edit]


  • ...

Main parts[edit]

Give to interested people the link to the main Egyptology articles. For example:

Here are the links to the main articles of Wikipedia's Egyptologist articles:

Progress report[edit]

Progress report of main part of the project to tell people which part must be improved in priority. For example, (from w:fr):


Naming convention, Synthesis tables, etc.


Link to free resources to help creating new articles (books, homepage, pictures, tools, etc.).


Same links as #Pictures part in this meta page.

Same links as #Hieroglyphs editor part in this meta page.