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Usuario Arnomane
Nome real Daniel Arnold
Daniel Arnold at Wikimania '05
Lugar de residencia Gräfenberg, Frankonia, Alemaña
Idade 25
Páxina(s) de usuario 1°: commons:User:Arnomane, w:de:Benutzer:Arnomane

2°: User:Arnomane, w:en:User:Arnomane, n:de:Benutzer:Arnomane, w:ar:User:Arnomane

Colaborador en Wikimedia desde 15./16. marzo 2004
Proxectos nos que colaborou Wikimedia Commons (bureaucrat), de.wikipedia (admin), OTRS, Meta, en.wikipedia, de.wikinews

Wikipedia Alemana:

Wikimedia Commons:

Linguas nas que colaborou Alemán (lingua materna), Inglés (avancado), e algo de Francés (moi pouco para participación)
Ligazón(s) ás contribucións de.wikipedia, commons, meta, en.wikipedia, de.wikinews, ar.wikipedia, a veces IP
Presentación pendente tradución

Motto: Just do things and promote them later - not the other way round.

  • Cross-project communication: Currently many things get solved independently over and over again in our diverse wiki communities. I met quite some people who created nice stuff that just works in one community. Thatfor I want to increase cross-project communication so that the communities benefit from each other. As well I realized the limited technical possibilities for easy communication from inside Commons towards the other communities and thatfor wanted to lower the tensions between projects and get people together. That's why I wrote the very first (now replaced) version of the now central Commons tool "CheckUsage" (see User:Arnomane/Image usage) and together with Duesentrieb I had the "CommonsTicker" idea (of course solely coded by Duesentrieb, please have a look at User:Duesentrieb/CommonsTicker if you still don't know it) among other things.
  • Community board member: My self-conception is that I want to be a community board member. I want to communicate problems and solutions out of our diverse communities to the board. Of course I can also contribute quite some own experience, like for example on "printed Wikipedia" - one of our main goals. So I don't want to be there in order to make "big politics" as I believe in division of work among board members and in open-minded (not group-think) meritocracy in online projects.
  • Empowerment of participation: I believe that equality among our diverse language communities can only be reached by active participation and with the right free software tools. For me all languages and cultures are equally welcome but we cannot achieve working equality by board declarations. So IMHO the current main task of WMF towards equality of communities is (beside local chapters) to ensure that future MediaWiki versions take an even greater emphasis on features that enable people getting more easier in touch across communities and languages.
Preguntas ao candidato commons:User talk:Arnomane/WMF board election 2006 (Alemán ou Inglés)