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Usuario UninvitedCompany
Nome real Steve Dunlop
Lugar de residencia Minneapolis, Minnesota
Idade 40
Páxina(s) de usuario meta, en, commons
Colaborador en Wikimedia desde March 27, 2003
Proxectos nos que colaborou Wikipedia, Meta, with minor involvement at commons and Wikibooks
Linguas nas que colaborou English
Ligazón(s) ás contribucións en, meta
Presentación I believe the role of the board of directors should be:
  • To set up a decisionmaking structure rather than to make individual decisions itself
  • To review financial, legal, and personnel matters on an ongoing basis
  • To respect the independence of each project and language
  • To refrain from major changes that could jeopardize the success we have already achieved
  • To advise officers, paid staff, and volunteers working for the Foundation

I believe the role of the foundation should be:

  • To provide a financial and legal framework for the operation of Wikipedia and its sister projects
  • To serve as a single voice to the public in matters such as press and donor relations where unity is important
  • To support and empower appropriate leadership within each project while maintaining our community-driven traditions

If elected, the first things I would advocate as a board member would be:

  • Identification of one or more "foundation contacts" for each project in each language
  • More extensive and more organized use of volunteers to deal with the daily work of the Foundation
  • Increased focus on accurate and timely internal communications

With regard to non-English projects, I believe that:

  • Most such projects should ultimately become independent of the U.S.-based foundation (in 5-10 years)
  • Trusted leadership in each language should be cultivatived, that shares the core values of freely redistributable content, NPOV, and openness

The background I bring to the board includes:

  • Three years of participation in the English Wikipedia including an ongoing interest in policy and governance
  • Prior participation in the board of directors of the Wesleyan Broadcast Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation that operated radio station WESU-FM
  • Prior paid employment as a corporate officer in a U.S. business which gave me a degree of familiarity with the legal, financial, tax, and corporate structure issues that face the Foundation
  • Some prior international travel, mainly in Spain and Mexico since I speak some Spanish
  • Technical background in software development and IT

Some things I wish I could bring to the board but can't:

  • I respect the international nature of the Foundation and wish I could speak fluently in languages other than English
  • I dislike travel and live in an out-of-the-way place. Though I am prepared to engage in some travel if elected, I may not be able to attend all board-related events in person
  • As important as Wikipedia is to me, I cannot let it become my full time job.
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